The new GapGun Pro2, a handheld and robotic laser measurement system

The new GapGun Pro2 is a non contact laser measurement system capable of a wide variety of profile measurements. The system has a repeatable accuracy of 0.01mm and a measurement cycle of just one second. With greatly improved speed, ease of use, portability, accuracy and ruggedness, GapGun Pro2 measures gap and flush, radius, edge break, burr, countersink, scratch, weld, seal, angle and more, as the ultimate quality inspection tool.

VChange allows the operator to remove, swap and reattach sensor heads, in just seconds, making multiple sensor use on the shop floor easier than ever before. This technology enables the operator to use the most suitable sensor for the job. Without stalling the process.


GapGun Pro2 and Vectro2 data collectors can be paired with a variety of sensors which vary in their capabilities. An optimal set up can be configured for every application. A specialized, self-centering countersink sensor will be released in the future for the GapGun Pro2 and Vectro2. For more information or a live demo of the GapGun Pro2 countersink capabilities, please contact us.


  • Typical feature size range: 0.3mm – 25mm
  • Uses a violet laser
  • For universal use on a wide range of surfaces
  • A single solution for the automotive, aerospace, energy, industry and white goods sectors


  • Typical feature size range: 0.1mm – 5mm
  • Uses a violet laser
  • Available in V (universal sensor) and M series (specialised sensor with filter for improved performance on bright machine metal, turbine components, high reflective surfaces)
  • Scratches, defects, fasteners, chamfers and profiles, turbine blades, small gap and flush, radii


  • Typical feature size range: 5mm – 25mm
  • Uses a violet laser
  • For universal use on a wide variety of countersinks in different sizes and materials
  • Self-centering, industry tested mechanism
  • Available soon


The new violet series sensor has a laser wavelength of 405nm and is compatible with virtually every type of automotive finish. Including plastic, bare metal, fabrics, chrome, polycarbonate (clear, red, other colours) and tinted glass.


The M series sensor with violet laser and specialised filter has highly improved performance while measuring bright machined metal, turbine components, bright chrome and other highly reflective surfaces.



Vectro automates the non contact measurements of the GapGun Pro2. Simple, fast and with high repeatability, without the human factor playing any role in the results of your measurement.


Vectro works either robot mounted or in fixtured applications. The system includes a mounting plate that can be attached to your choice of robot.


Vectro improves productivity, enables greater throughput, cuts inspection cost and reduces rework. All of this with the added benefit of improved quality.

A solution for every measurement

The GapGun Pro2 is both versatile and accurate.


Gap and flush measurement for interior buttons of a car with the GapGun Pro2.


The GapGun Pro2 is capable of measuring radii on highly reflective materials as well.


GapGun Pro2 edge break measurements quick, easy and highly accurate results.


Scratches can be measured with 0.01mm of precision and without coming into contact with the material.


Burrs are easily measured with the GapGun Pro2 and T60 sensor.


Measure countersinks with high accuracy and repeatability, thanks to the self-centering, industry tested T60-CK mechanism.


Measuring fasteners with the GapGun Pro2 T60 sensor.


The GapGun Pro2 can measure welds and seals with high precision, with the special standoff or by non contact measurement.


Angles are easily measured within a fraction of a second with the GapGun Pro2 and T60 sensor, on any material imaginable.

Seamless software

The GapGun Pro2 and its software works for you, not against you.

Measurement and inspection software for GapGun profile measurement systems.

Manual and interactive analyses of measurements.

Adds custom .NET functionality to your GapGun Pro2 and Vectro systems.

Shows real-time measurement results on overhead displays.

A solution for every industry

The GapGun Pro2 has proven itself in a wide variety of industries


The GapGun Pro2 is an accurate and repeatable gap and flush measurement system for any and all panels on a vehicle. For both interior, exterior and on any type of material. It is able to measure the most complex surfaces, quickly, easily and repeatably. GapGun Pro2 will pass MSA requirements, where other techniques and solutions typically fail. With its highly flexible and powerful software GapGun Pro2 is able to measure most complex surfaces.


The dimensions of fasteners are key to the structural safety of the aircraft and to fuel efficiency by reducing drag or making surfaces aerodynamically efficient. In the production of aircraft, the size of rivets and fastener holes needs to be consistent and measurable. GapGun Pro2 effortlessly measures countersinks, panel and door fitting, turbine blades, machined engine parts, wing leading edges, fasteners and more.


Metrology needs in the Energy market are growing due to renewal growth with electric cars, battery manufacturing and wind turbine blades. GapGun Pro2 offers a perfect, repeatable and accurate solution to manage those challenges. For the past ten years, the GapGun Pro2 has been used by the UKAEA Remote Applications in Challenging Environments department to facilitate the development of nuclear fusion by speeding up MRO processes of the world’s largest experimental reactor.


Within the industrial sector the GapGun Pro2 guarantees quality and consistency during the production process. Quality inspection speed can be increased greatly when combined with Vectro2. Measurement are needed in a wide range of industries such as complex machines, electronic components, whitegoods and medical manufacturing processes. GapGun Pro2 offers flexibility of usage and the versatility and precision needed in these varying applications.

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